My professional background is a master in Geography and climate science. After working as a engineer in natural hazards, I graduated with a MAS in International Cooperation at the ETH Zurich. The complimentary one year long work stay in Nepal has led to my PHD in Geography and sustainable development at the CDE (University of Bern). At the same time, I was worked for HELVETAS for five years. In this time, I built a programme to support the local nut production and their export to Switzerland.

During my dissertation, I worked at the interface Switzerland – Nepal with different stakeholders and related cultural backgrounds (University, NGO, traders – employees, farmers, government). As the different company and communication cultures but also the individual mindset and perspectives interest me, I studied Change and Innovation Management at the HSG. St. Gallen and followed the training to become an Integral Master Coach with Integral Coaching Canada (ICF accredited).

Parallel to the academic and professional career, I am over 20 years a practitioner of:
• Yoga (incl. two yearlong training to become a yoga instructor in India and the branch in Australia)
• Meditation (Vipassana as taught by S. N. Goenka and Integral Zen by Doshin M.J. Nelson)
Embodiment techniques focusing on the perception of physical sensations. They lead amongst other to the reduction of tension or other bodily memories (instructor training with Michaela Boehm)

At present, I am working as a network partner with PfyfferSchmid&Partner. Apart I am co-founder of Beyond Your Summits (rebranded Women on Ice), I offer seminar for women with the gynaecologist Katja Barrueto and coach a handful of selected clients. I love the variety and how I find inspiration in each part of the work that I am able to bring into the other sectors.

As a balance I am often in nature, such as climbing or hiking in the alps. I also enjoy spending time with our son and discover the world with him. I am also a very social being and find deep inspiration in the exchange with others.