Integral Coaching for a sustainable personal and professional transformation

You are aware of some of your strengths and weaknesses. In general, you know how to achieve results and how to successfully work with changes in your life. You have extended your horizon and see that you want to continue walking. Welcome – you are at the right spot:

  • Do you want to strengthen your skills, capacities and perspectives and learn new tools to enable you to master challenges in a new ways?
  • Are you ready to create the context to manifest important important goals?
  • Do you long to thrive in your relationships with more intimacy and empathy?
  • Or do you have a special situation that blocks you or has you stumbling repetitively?

I offer one-on-on coaching for individuals and companies. Get in touch with me over the contact page to schedule a 20-30min consultation call.

Drop-In Coaching

Are you curious if you would like to try out coaching? Do you have a small challenge in your everyday life that you would love to reflect and alter? Or do you need a sounding boeard, with someone who will actively listen to you and aid in untangling thoughts and patterns to assess from a professional perspective? If so, then the drop-in coaching is right for you! I offer:

  • One or two sessions which are 30-60 minutes (face to face / video).
  • A short summary and an exercise, that support you with the ongoing reflection of your situation and target goal.
  • Price: upon request

Short Coaching Programme

Would you like to transform a challenging situation and try out new approaches that fuel you forward in a meaningful, satisfying way? Are you ready to invite consciously invite changes into your daily life and mindfully experiment with them? Are you looking for someone to support and accompany you on your path for a while? If so, the short coaching programme is right for you! I offer you:

  • A specially for you developed programme to manifest your goal
  • An analysis of your personal strengths with regards to your goals and weaknesses regarding your theme
  • 1 to 2 developmental targets focused on strengthening specific capabilities important to reaching your goal
  • A set of practices to strengthen your proficiency regarding your goal
  • Two 60 to 90-minute coaching sessions each month (face-to-face and/or video)
  • A three months programme (6 sessions)
  • Price: upon request

Intensive Coaching Programme

Do you want to break through old, stagnant patterns and learn to live in a new way? Are you ready to openly reflect your beaming true self and invite consciously greatness and a breath of fresh air into your life? Are you looking for somebody to support and accompany you in taking bold new directions in your life? If so, then the intensive coaching programme is right for you! I offer:

  • A comprehensive analysis of your personal strength and weaknesses with regard to your desired topic as well as identification of possible blockages that may hold you back from reaching your full desired results
  • A customised programme to progressively build your existing skills and talents to transform yourself towards manifesting desired outcomes
  • 3 to 4 development goals to support and orient you towards building strength and specific abilitie needed to reach your goal
  • A set of practices that support you in between the sessions. They include different types of exercises to expand your capacities regarding your coaching theme
  • Two 60 to 90-minute coaching sessions each month (face-to-face and/or video)
  • A 4 / 6 / 8 months programme (from 8 – 16 sessions)
  • Price: upon request
Integral Coaching® is a coaching methodology developed by Joanne Hunt und Laura Divine, the founders of Integral Coaching Canada. The methodology is complex, holistic and effective. It is based on the integral theory of the contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber amongst other theories. It is said by Wilber to be the only effective integral coaching education available.
“Integral Coaching Canada offers what we believe to be the most complete and the most comprehensive coaching program available.” – Ken Wilber

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